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The most frequently asked questions about Regux services are gathered here for your convenience. If you don't find the answer to your question, you can always reach out to us 24/7 through the Regux ticketing system to discuss your inquiry with our team.

  • I intend to create a website. Where should I start?

    The main component for creating a website is having a valid domain, which is the internet address. Internet domains come with different extensions, and fortunately, in recent years, we have witnessed a wide variety of domain extensions, making the process of choosing a domain name very easy. All domain registration, renewal, and transfer processes can be done with Regux. However, if you prefer, you can also register your domain with other companies. Having a domain is crucial to getting started. After registering your internet address or domain, you can proceed with designing your website. Choosing the type of hosting, web technology, SEO services, and desired design are the next steps that should be carefully taken with the consultation of the Regux support team.

  • WordPress is a free content management system. The reason for the popularity of WordPress is its diverse range of both commercial and free plugins, making almost any task possible with this content management system. If WordPress meets your site's needs, there is no reason not to use it. The popularity of this content management system and the high number of individuals skilled in it are among the other advantages of this CMS. Website design with WordPress and custom website design for cases where WordPress is not capable of handling your site's tasks are both offered by Regux.

  • It is advisable to entrust website design to a company because a company will always be responsive to your needs after the design and project delivery. It is worth mentioning that reviewing and comparing the company's portfolio provides you with a tangible understanding of the capabilities and creativity of the designers in the desired company. Keep in mind that this review should cover various aspects such as graphic design, capabilities, features, functionality, and more. The quality of hosting services and the overall cost of website design are also influential factors in choosing the right company for website design.

  • One of the project delivery stages at Regux includes training on how to use the designed website. The training process can be conducted in one session, either in-person or remotely, based on the customer's preference. After training, up to 1 month of completely free support service will be provided to address any issues or questions you may have regarding the provided service. This ensures that there will be no ambiguity regarding the use of the website for you. It is worth noting that the support team will continue to assist with your questions even after this period.

  • Yes, due to the continuous advancement in technology, websites designed by Regux require regular updates. These updates fall into two categories. The first category involves updating plugins and WordPress, and the process is explained to the customer during the project delivery session. The second category includes updates to server-side software and programming languages, which are performed by the support team. It's worth noting that if the customer requests it, Regux can perform these updates from either category at any time after project delivery.

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